Successful Projects

Completion of custom-made buildings




All of our avicultural buildings are done according to your needs.  A personalized study is prepared before each design and estimate.

These buildings are adapted to any kind of poultry raising in breeders, breeding on the ground, but also for the development of hatchery and pigsties, keeping in mind that pig breeding, panels in vetroresine are used.

Equipped with a patented system for construction (through a manufacture of metal molds in the shape of Sigma).
Constructed according to the calculations of the structure, each post is composed of 2 molds sigma filled with concrete.
The structure is in galvanized steel.

Thanks to a totally revolutionary concept in the material of the metal framing and insulation (from 30 to 60 mm).
This frame is complemented by insulating panels called «sandwich panels» or dry trays used as well in cladding and roofing.
We obtain a maximum horizontal support of 16 m without a limit in length.

These buildings are adaptable to all ventilation systems and all climates.  These panels ensure a very good level of isolation in the buildings and a great ease of installation.

The animals are subject to diseases sometimes difficult to eradicate.  It is important that rodents, tenebrionidae and other predators do not have access to the insulation.  The feature of these buildings is also its ease of cleaning.

For ventilation, we can incorporate shutters or air entry flaps in the building, as well as components of security, that allow a permanent renewal of air even despite unfavorable external conditions.

We foresee the secondary structures supporting the extraction turbines, Pad Cooling panels or other…

We also perform studies for ‘traditional’ buildings with structures IP.

Profil Sigma / Profil Zed, Profil C

Completed Examples




4 buildings of 25,000 laying hens
2 breeding installations of 25,000 subjects
1 warehouse of food 5T/h

Democratic Republic of Congo



Avicultural Farm – Breeding installation with capacity of 120,000
3 egg-laying buildings with capacity of 360,000




Avicultural Farm – 2 equipment
of 20,000 egg-laying Big Dutchman UV600

Brazzaville – Congo



Hatcher for 30,000 chicks/week




Building 480 m­
chicken meat





Storage Unit
corn  – 4,000 tons
with dryer