Since its creation in 1989, SOPRODA has experienced many developments, both in its industry as well as its products and services.

Change comes with constant new opportunities from which SOPRODA is ready to profit.

But above all, SOPRODA remains loyal to the work of breeding.

SOPRODA has never forgotten the core values:  integrity, quality, commitment and innovation.

These values determine our way of working, the quality that we offer and the incomparable client service.

SOPRODA has built up its reputation by constantly going to the clients overseas.

The activities of SOPRODA are however varied:  export of one day old chicks, the construction of buildings for breeding, breeding and feeding equipment that are related.

We have a partnership with the world leading manufacturer in avicultural equipment BIG DUTCHMAN.

Today, the quality of our chicks, our hatching eggs and our breeding equipment remains the reason for our renown.